Every Woman Loves a Rose

I knew nothing about roses until I married and moved into our first home. All men know that presenting their sweetheart with roses will make them very happy, but I have come to realize that there are so many more ways to please a woman who loves roses. Read on to find out the many different ways roses can please a woman.

For many of us, our main experience with roses is in the garden. At our first home we had an overgrown garden along a 20 meter sloping rock wall. Two months later we had a stunning garden with 20 different colored roses that were color coordinated. As you walked along the wall, you moved through the colors of the rainbow. After two years, the garden looked fantastic and was the talk of all our friends. My favorite roses were Just Joey, a lovely apricot colored rose and Julias Tea which was a nice brown color.

But roses do not just stop in the garden. While most women love to receive roses on Valentines Day, birthdays and other special occasions, buying roses for your sweetheart for no reason is one of my favorites. Online rose shops make it even easier to order and send roses quickly and cost effectively to your loved one.

Other great rose gift ideas include real roses preserved in 24 carat gold, rose spa collections, beautiful rose jewelry, spotted rose petals, spotted rose soaps and lovely smelling rose perfumes. There is something for everyone.

If you like art, there are some magnificent rose images and for lighting around the house, try rose pendant lamps or rose lights. A combination of these two can add a great theme to a room, or the whole house!

There are a huge variety of rose books and magazines now available and a whole range of rose encyclopedias that will help you identify every rose possible.

So if your wife, girlfriend or friend likes roses then treat them with something a little bit different.

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