Famous Antique Perfume Bottles

In the Victorian era, perfume bottles were very popular. In fact, it was during this period that the commonness of these bottles were starting to pick up. These bottles comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and perfume was poured into a lady's personal perfume bottle. However, by the end of the 19th century, the fashion scene has transformed these unique bottles into pre-packed boxed sets as they had become more popular and widely available.

Although the fashion scene had changed, the numerous famous perfume houses had not stopped their operations. They have increased their operations and produced even more exotic and expensive fragrances. These perfumes were very valuable as well as expensive, during and immediately after World War II, it has become very unaffordable for many people. However, after the turn of the century, these perfume bottles have once again become very popular among the collectors because they are treated as vintage art pieces and antique perfume bottles.

Also, during the 19th century, it was also the period where designers of perfume bottles were given the permission to be very creative with their ideas of design. This was because of the high competition of that era. Major perfume house like Avon Cosmetics was one of the few who had invested heavily in the designs of their bottles of perfume. This company, which started at 1959, had produced some of the world's most amazing and unique bottles that contains perfumes. Most people over the age of 35 will probably remember or maybe even had bought one of their perfumes before. The company designed imaginative containers in which they decanted lotions, perfumes and aftershaves. Every bottles of liquid produced by them was a collector's dream. They had designs ranging from telephones and gramophones to cars and motorcycles. Of course, in this day and time, many of them are no longer produced anymore and they have obviously become more collectible than those which still are.

To add to the exclusivity of their designs of bottles of perfumes and lotions, some of these designs are produced for a time limited period only, for example, Christmas designs. These time limited period designs are generally harder to get because during the 1960's and 1970's, it hardly occurred to people then that these pieces will one day become a highly watched after collector's item. Moreover, during those particular two periods, the mindset of "use and throw" is typically picking up as a general behavioral pattern as things get more commercialized and the increase of people's spending power. Perfume bottles were kept and displayed for only a short time while many other bottles are discarded after use.

It is because of this reason, that many of the unique designs that were produced are now gone. The remaining pieces usually fetch a very high price from online auction sites or collector's auctions. However, to fetch the best price possible for your perfume bottle, it should be a complete set with the original box and both should be in a tip-top condition. Many people wonder if it is OK if the perfume inside these bottles are used. Collectors usually go for the bottle design instead of the perufme instead so even completely full bottles do not need fetch a higher value.

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