Product Review – Veganese Conditioner by Lush

Why do I need it?

If you want soft, luscious, beautiful hair without any animal products or any animal tested products, try the LUSH Veganese conditioner. This conditioner is not only all natural without the use of animal based products, but it softens your hair dramatically making your hair look and feel plush and lovable. If you are sick of the monster beast raging out of your hair, it's time to upgrade to softening all natural conditioner and transform your hair to frizzy and brittle to touchable smooth in just a few days. Everyone wants soft touchable hair, no one likes running their fingers through a birds nest! So what are you waiting for? Lush has an answer!

How does it work?

The primary point of this conditioner is to soften and help maintain your hair in a completely vegan friendly way. The vegan lifestyle is a lifestyle chosen to be lived by many people these days. What it means is that anyone who participates in a vegan lifestyle chooses not to consume or use any animal by products; most people choose to live this lifestyle to have a stand against animal abuse. The Lush veganese conditioner uses all natural products like lemon extract and lavender to soften your hair and make it smell and feel amazing, without harming animals for it.

Key Points:

* Lush Veganese conditioner is all natural and contains no animal by products
* Softens hair for a smooth touchable look and feeling
* Leaves your hair smelling amazing with all natural ingredients that create a romancing scent without using excess chemicals
* Helps lock in moisture and protect against moisture-induced frizz!
* Fragrance that can blend with a number of LUSH hair products without clashing

The Lush Veganese shampoo is a high end all natural shampoo that does not needlessly cost a fortune! It's perfect for usually frizzy and disobedient hair!

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